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The (somewhat historical) collection of my family:

On the photo:
  • Nokia N9 - my daily phone
  • iPhone 4S - wife's daily phone
  • All three generations of kids' phones branded by our local operator with our local famous cartoon character Lotte. These are cheapish Android phones in daily use, plus an old retired SonyEricsson. Both feature user-replaceable battery and MicroSD support, but the Android versions are older and cannot be upgraded any more.
  • Samsung B2100 waterproof - used as backup/secondary and outdoors phone.
  • Nokia 5230 Navi - my previous daily phone running Symbian S60. The S60 had a nice feature that i'm missing in my N9, and that no modern smartphone platform has (as far as i know - i haven't actually checked Windows Phone) - voice dialing in my native Estonian language that is actually USABLE. I was able to touch one button only and say any of my contact's name to initiate call while driving, and there was 9 out of 10 chance that it resolves the name correctly. This was possible five years ago. However, all the modern ones (e.g. those using Google Voice) are not usable for me because they don't support my native language. I wouldn't mind it requiring internet connection, also i wouldn't mind speaking English, Russian, or Finnish to my phone, but not resolving any of my (mostly Estonian) contact names is a showstopper.
  • Handspring Visor Edge - i gave it as present to my wife in 2002. It features PalmOS 3.5, Li-ion battery, monochrome tapscreen, metal case. There is even my engraved love letter to my wife somewhat visible in the metal lid. . This device is long ago retired, but works fine.
  • Palm Tungsten T - my successor to Handspring Visor Platinum. Also retired long ago. I lost the stylus, but otherwize this thing should work.
  • Nokia 2110 - once famous model in the 1990s. This was my wifes first phone, purchased second-hand. It has broken antenna and no battery, but otherwise should work.
  • All our current laptops below.

Missing from the photo, but once part of my collection:
  • Nokia 8110i- my very first phone. As a first year university student in a post-Soviet Union area, i gave about 3/4 of my entire wealth to get that phone. Was very exited about the Netgate technology of SMS-based services - a very first hint of the future of mobile internet to come. I used that phone for seven years and at some point had ALL the original accessories. However, in one dull rainy Autumn day i accidentally dropped it under bus and was not able to retrieve.
  • Handspring Visor Platinum - my first tablet kind of thing. It was called PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) or palmtop computer back then. I was very keen fan of Handspring and PalmOS. Had several hardware extension modules: GPS, voice recorder, etc. I also developed a few PalmOS apps. Some years ago i donated this device to computer museum of my university.
  • Nokia 6310i - my successor to 8110i. This seemed like a perfect phone at that time: had bluetooth and EDGE, had a decent SDK based on Java ME (i developed a few apps), had WAP browser (i regularily used several WAP sites), battery life was a week or so. I was very happy with that model. But i dropped it into water
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 - among the very first generation of Android tablets by Samsung. It was not upgradeable beyond some point, so i wasn't even very unhappy when my kid dropped it to pavement and broke the glass after two years of usage.
  • Pebble Steel - i'm waiting for my order to be fulfilled. ETA is early May so far

Sorry for long text

Update: Pebble Steel and Nexus 7 now also added to collection.
Update 2: Nope, Windows doesn't seem to have Estonian voice support either

Nokia 8110i ----------------> Nokia 6310i -------------------> Nokia 5230 Navi -> Nokia N9
Handspring Visor Platinum -> Palm Tungsten T --> Nexus 7

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My N900, Chinese Galaxy S3 with broken touchpad for charging batteries, and an almost indestructible GT-E2152 for just in case.
Elegant, isn't it?
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Nice collections folks. Keep em coming...
Do something for the climate today! Anything!

I don't trust poeple without a Nokia n900...I'm also supporting Apple 2016 or until Jolla fully refund or ship the jPad to all backers and supports!

"waited over a year for no tablet and then the same again for potential refund? inspires confidence!"
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Here's mine :-)
Proud coding competition 2012 winner: ρcam
My other apps: speedcrunch N9 N900 Jolla contactlaunch timenow

Nemo UX blog: Grog
My website:
My job: oob

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Couple of group shots. I have a somewhat diverse family. Included are Nokia E72, 2 N900, Galaxy Note 1,2, and 3, N9 and Jolla. We're a family and I love them all. Oh yes in the background is my Lenovo ThinkPad that has been twisted into a tablet. It is running Ubuntu.
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Here are all my phones I got:

3x N900
6110 [works properly]
3310 [Ded]
MT50 [works properly]
SXG75 [A rare phone, works!]
3110c [Old phone from my dad]
9300 [not a 9300i ]

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I just saw the tags section for this thread...
Nice one!
Seen in the comments section for an article on xda:
"I see a lot of complaints about Google deciding to keep data on their servers indefinitely.
Well, if that's the price for FREE AI. I'm in".

Boy, what can I say? EPIC......No, LEGENDARY......
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I just bought another N900. Fully functional, the screen is pretty scratched and it's missing the battery. The previous owner tried overclocking it through some utility, and thought he bricked it. Flashed it, and it works perfectly. Decent waste of $20.

Do I need help? I now have 4 fully functional N900s, total cost around $200 all together. I just can't stop myself, I'm like Mel Gibson and Catcher in the Rye. If the N900 is $20-30, even if it doesn't work, I have to buy it.

Anyway, here's my current device collection, as most people here I've had dozens of other devices in the past:

5x N900 (one is just broken parts)
Nexus S
Nexus 4
Sony Ericsson T630

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AH HA! You are the one who got it!
I hemmm'd and haw'd over whether to take the risk or not...
Glad it made it back to the land of the living....
Deal of the day man....

Haahaha ...yup you are definitely a Maemoklept
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Owner of :
1-n770 (in retirement), 3-n800's , 3-n810's (still in daily use), 5-n900's ((3 are flawless, 1 has loose usb ( considering it for parts), 1 has no telephony (perfect for permanent set-up as mini-pc with one of my monitors))
1/2 - neo900 pre- "purchased" in 2013. Awaiting refund process.
3-nexus 5's : 1 with Lineage oreo 8.1 (intend stable "pie" when ready) , 1 with ̶Ubuntu Touch, 1 with Maru OS (intend maemo leste when ready)

Idiot's Guide and a video walkthrough.
242gb ON N800
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Originally Posted by endsormeans View Post
AH HA! You are the one who got it!
I hemmm'd and haw'd over whether to take the risk or not...
Glad it made it back to the land of the living....
Deal of the day man....

Haahaha ...yup you are definitely a Maemoklept
Typing on the "new" n900 now. It was posted on Toronto kijiji, right? Small world, isn't it... one thing that I am debating is if I should take it apart and solder the USB port. I did it on the main n900, but now I have so many spares that if one dies it almost makes no difference.

In any case, yet another one in the collection.

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