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Is there much risk involved in getting a Revolut account if you are a Sailfish user?
I don't mean risk as getting hacked, i mean it in the sense of no longer being able to access my account from my sailfish phone.

Revolut describes itself as being "app-based banking", and advertises itself as being available on the android/ios stores.

I can see that the aptoide store lists [a] revolut app, so in theory i can create and manage a Revolut account right now. But i'm more worried about the future...

1. Is it likely Revolut will gain a dependency on Google Play services, such that the Play Store is the only legitimate android store?
2. Is it likely that compatibility with the android runtime will rise faster the davlik support in Sailfish, such that it loses support in future.
3. Is there something else lurking as a risk that I have missed?

Your thoughts on the matter are appreciated...

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Indeed the walled garden is getting quite strong these days, with many android and iOS exclusive services about the place.

I have a Revolut account, and for now it works, but I don't see how we can come up with anything concrete for your questions.

Maybe in the future they might create a web banking page for it, who knows
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I would hope that in the interest of security a banking app would never depend on google or anyone else, but the android version requirement is a worry.

Have you asked them? Chances are you'll get someone in marketing/customer services who knows nothing about development or the future but it's worth a try.

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I have the same concerns with N26 banking, which is also a application-based bank (there is a website, but you need the phone for the initial registration and for authentification on some operations). So far it works, although I have had to reinstall the Play store and the application several times after I had some troubles with either some updates or Google Services (but I think I noticed that the application does not rely on Google Services anymore - to be confirmed).

In any case, I have tested running the application in an Android virtual machine some years ago and it worked, so I'm considering that, if compatibility with Alien Dalvik is lost in the future, I can always get my money back and close my account using the VM or the Android smartphone of a friend. In the mean time, I do not pay anything for it anyway, and I think Revolut is free too.

At the moment, I'm glad I can use the N26 card, because I'm temporarily living abroad in a country using a specific currency, and I have not had to pay any extra cost in one year thanks to this bank, nor did I need to open a local bank account; I feel it's worth the risk of having to go through the trouble of a VM if compatibility is lost in the future.

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