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hmm, upon reflection, i think there are two separate bugs with similar symptoms.

i HAVE definitely seen your silent alarm bug. wake up half an hour late, see the alarm still set, test music player making myself later. then i restart the phone, and everything works. it has happened to me at least twice, and now i use my cron on my laptop.

BUT, the thing i was experiencing yday was absolute phone silence. silent touch feedback, silent alarms, silent phone calls, silent music player, no sound whatsoever. changing volume/ambiences didnt affect it, and it persisted across reboots.
i had a phone call in the morning, talked for awhile normally, and then something weird happened while i was hanging up, pressing volume/power keys maybe (i was sleepy), and then hours later noticed 3 missed calls. eventually i realized pulse wasnt running at all, et voila.

(system.system is user 1000.1000, right? might be a default in pulseaudio or something)

anyway, neither was caused by 2.1.4, which i have not installed yet. (im on
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