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I've been using marble for basic routing on my N900 for a long time, but I didn't use it in combination with monav. Just this morning I installed monav to see how well it works.

I use the bicycle setting for routing and that works fine and fast for the way from my home to my office (<10km).
Then I tried to make a route for a tour I plan to do in spring (~70km). That stalled my N900 and caused a reboot after circa 5 minutes.

I happened to have an ssh session open to my N900, so I could still start top and see, that while the CPU usage caused by monav was moderate, it used quite some memory (>100MB).

Having a rough idea of the complexity of routing algorithms and knowing the snappy watchdog of the N900 quite well, the reboot didn't really surprise me.
However, I kind of would have thought that someone else might have run into this problem in all these years and might have a good solution.

Short of cutting my route into smaller pieces the only thing I can think of right now is to rename the monav-server binary and put a wrapper script in its place that calls the binary via nice and ionice.
This won't increase the speed but would hopefully prevent the reboot.
Does someone know of a better way to deal with this? Are there some hidden marble or monav options I can set that would help?

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