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Hello fellas! I need help with modifying (M)Nemosyne. In case you are busy, there is a TL;DR at the end

So, I was looking for apps that I could use on my Jolla to aid me at learning foreign languages. I found Nemosyne which is a port of Mnemosyne.

Well, the UI felt a bit... unfinished and it had some bugs (for example the next answer was visible after rating). It doesn't support the vocabulary category nor notes. The deal breaker for me was that it has no tag support, which means all my foreign words from different languages get mixed up since everything is in the same database, sorted by tags which don't exist in Nemosyne.

So, since I have some (read: barely any) coding skills, I decided to fork it. First I couldn't compile it, but after contacting the developer I managed to get it running (you needed to add a build step to copy some pre-compiled libraries).

Okay, so what's the catch? Why couldn't I modify it to fit my needs? (Obvious answer: I ain't got dem skills.)

Well, the thing isn't documented, has shortened-out-few-letter variable names and uses Sailfish Widgets, a set of ready-made (in my opinion not so finished) additional UI bits which make reading the code slower and harder. I have no idea how to add the missing features and re-porting the whole Mnemosyne project doesn't sound too fun either.

Nemosyne is missing feature, source code is absurd and missing documentation.

I can do the UI bits, but I can't understand the logic for reading and modifying the card database. Can you help me?

I changed some emails with Nemosyne's developer and he helped me out with some stuff & added documentation. Great!
I'll see what I can do about the missing features when I find the time.

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I'm also disappointed with nemosyne. The reply buttons are somehow strangely situated (either pull list or sliders). Why not normal buttons to touch them?!

I've tried original mnemosyne as Android app and it seems not to launch at all (insufficient memory on original Jolla can be the reason), have you tried it?

I can help you with the fork, but I have little experience with mobile ui.
When I have a few free hours I'll try to install the sdk and launch it.

What about the competition. Anki also has been ported to Sailfish.
Have you tried it?

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