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i use the default app for quick shots.

Bless900 for shots where HDR is benefical, such as high contrast or low light shots. not for action shots though. It is almost as easy as the default app as well which is good.

Nokia Panorama is great for panaramic shots, but you have to allow for the immeadiate post-proceesing whivch can tkie up the system for a while. i tried morpho free, but the quality is crap compared to nokia's.

the best advice is to work through them and find the apps which suit your particular needs and tates, both in use and output.

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Hello guys.

I know that this is an old theme, but I was wondering can a person still buy A better camera (a speedier variant of Bless N900)? Where?

Tnx for your responses in advance

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I don't know, but since the N900 has technically not 'existed' since 2011, I don't think any "buy" option for software is still available.

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