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I don't know if you have Xperia X, but WebCat acts sluggish on it. On Jolla C it was my preferred browser, but on Xperia X the performance is noticeably worse than on Jolla C for some reason. Meanwhile the stock browser performs much better than on Jolla C.
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Webcat uses QtWebkit which only uses CPU acceleration.
So that explains it.
On the Jolla C the 720p display could be handled by the CPU reasonably well. (and the GPU sucks)

On the Xperia X the CPU cannot utilize the full potential yet (see some CPU limitation threads on tjc)
That should explain all that.

Have you tried out QtWebkit 5.212 on the Xperia X yet? It handles rendering differently (actually utilizing a seperate thread for it).
So performance should be better with that installed.
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Hey llelectronics, I'm back to Webcat after some romance with Sailfish-browser.

Is last session restoration implemented? I asked the question some years ago and you said it was planned, but I couldn't find any option for this in the settings. Or maybe I need to use a special last-session URL as the start-up URL?

Also, the native editor for text fields does not appear on my phone: when I long press a text field, I just get the blue text selection overlay.

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Finally WC work OK on SFX(qtwebkit5.212), Big-Thanks to: Leszek
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