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Hello again...
So, when my N900 is charging (not empty) the following happens:
1. *I plug in the charger*
2. A dim NOKIA logo appears, with a weird symbol in the upper-right corner. The symbol looks like the upper half of the USB logo.
3. The yellow light flashes 3 times, then a very short green flash, then 5 dots, then it turns off and the yellow light starts flashing.
4. *I turn it on via powerkey*
5. A NOKIA logo appears (without the symbol), then the screen goes black for a second, and then a very bright NOKIA logo (WITH the symbol) appears.
6. IF I don't touch anything, it goes back to the beginning; but if I press the powerkey repeatedly and slide out the keyboard, it boots normally.
The problem appeared after deleting Fanoush's Bootmenu. The N900 boots normally without a charger. Reinstalling Power-kernel-53 didn't help.
Thanks in advance.
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It is normal for N900 to have USB symbol here when you have it attached to USB cable and starting it up, right? But if you use wall-plug charger, then yes, it is strange that USB symbol appears?

Thank you. Best wishes.

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Yes, it's on wallcharger. But when it's on and charging it doest't display the "charging only-mass memory-PC Suite" dialog
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The USB Icon appears on my phone when charging on a wall charger many times too when the device is switched off. I also get the option to select the mode when connecting to a PC even when it is connected to a wall charger.

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