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Hello, all -

OK, all of a sudden it decided to work on the 8th try or so. Don't know why.

BTW - is there any way to get Garnet to sync over USB? believe it or not, I don't have a wireless connection to my office computer, more's the pity.


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Unfortunately, I don't think it's possible to get the Garnet VM to sync over USB.
I had trouble getting it to sync consistently with the Palm Desktop in Vista, and it would not sync at all via The Missing Sync on my Mac (which is my main computer). The biggest problem was getting the HotSync ID registered in the GVM.
Finally, this worked for me:

1. Create a Terminal script to enter your HotSync ID into your file. I used Leafpad on my n810, but vim (within Terminal) and TextWrangler (Mac OS X) or Notepad (Windows) also work. My code:

/usr/bin/gvm/gvm -g -O -z 1.5 -L 0x0000,0x0000,0x0000 -f -i D050 -a Filz -u "First Last:1234"

I saved this file as

The -u option is the most important for setting your HotSync ID. The last four digits can just be "1234"--I found a four digit combo while trolling through Palm system files using Filez on my Palm TX.

The other options:
-g designates the name of the file you wish to use--yes, you can create more than one

-O sets the rotation so that the GVM starts in tall portrait mode (i.e., you hold the NIT vertically with the camera end down)

-z is the zoom factor; here set to 1.5x

-L 0x0000,0x0000,0x000 opens the GVM with a black background

-f sets it to fullscreen

-i designates the device ID. D050 is the device ID for a Palm TX. You can find the link for other device ID's at:
(Thanks, BoxofSnoo!)

-a is the name of the application you want to launch with the GVM. If not specified, you'll start in the default launcher. "Filz" is the four-letter code for Filez. I installed Filez, using the install button in the Garnet VM launcher, in all my files. Filez will let you check your HotSync ID. Filez will also give you the "Creator Codes" for all the other applications you want to launch.

For more options, see:

[As an aside, you can also set the device serial number with the -n option. If you set the -n and the -u options just like your old Palm device, then you can cause the PID in Mobipocket Reader to be the same as your old Palm's PID. This is important for those with paid Mobipocket Reader ebooks].

2. After you save your file with the "sh" extension, open X-Terminal and do:

cd /home/user/MyDocs


chmod +x

This makes an executable file.

3. To run the code, then:


4. Exit the GVM by hitting the escape button on your n8x0

5. Now, launch the GVM the ordinary way and, each time you do, you'll see that the HotSync ID is registered. This allowed me to get The Missing Sync to work finally!

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This post was VERY helpful; thanks a ton.
One small point that maybe will save others a few minutes:

In step one where the author writes "I saved this file as"

Note that you need to save the file in the root (directly under NOKIA) of file manager. If you try to save it in the "Documents" folder, this will not work (i.e. you will get a 'file not found' error in step 2 when trying to do the "chmod +x")

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I'm trying to set up Hotsync on Garnet VM on an N900. It seems Palmleavr's instructions below don't work - maybe because of some recent Garnet VM update? So I'm unable to Hotsync to my Macintosh.

When I try to execute following Palmleavr's instructions, I get an error message:

"GVM: Invalid rotation value: -z"

Does anyone know how to fix this?

It would be great if someone who knows how would post a concise set of instructions for getting Hotsync to work between an N900 and a Macintosh - with Missing Sync or pilot-link or whatever! I''ve been unable to find such a set of instructions on the web.

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I just use PC Connectivity for Hotsyncing over USB. Wifi and bluetooth is too slow and would usually timeout on me. Great tool for other tasks as well.


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PC Connectivity would be fine if I could get the data onto my N900 in the first place! But I canít!

I have a Palm Tungsten T3, which is sync'ed with Palm Desktop on my Macintosh.

I've tried running Palm Desktop on a virtual Windows installation on my Mac, but I canít find a way to get my data into Windows. It doesnít recognize the Tungsten via USB. It doesnít read any archive formats that Palm Desktop on Mac can produce.

Is a real PC essential?
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PC Connectivity works for Windows, Mac, and Linux. I haven't tried using it on a Mac, but it looks pretty straight forward. Check out the docs:



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