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I also noticed that. I think it's normal since my others chargers (like the one i have for my PSP) also do some noise (but not that high)
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Yes - mine squeals too- sounds like a kettle boiling - the old whistle style ones you use camping etc. Gets higher and higher, sounds like it's about to explode and then eventually stops
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it's the sound of power

Most power adapters and what not whine and whistle some louder some softer. Remember the old flashes charging? Now that was a wine. Usually even the ones you think are silent emit sounds - just put your ear next to it.

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The thread "My Nokia CA-146C Charging Adapter Screams" with four posts has been merged into this thread.
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If anyone is looking to buy a second adapter look on Amazon. In the UK Nokia will charge you 7, Expansys 7.95, Amazon market place 70p. Postage is about the same for all of them. Car chargers are also much cheaper too.

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