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Found the answer.
This did the trick

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I recently got a new battery, and it's behaving very nicely, but battery eye and the status-area battery icon don't show its information correctly. I've been doing the calibration procedure for the past few weeks, probably gone through at least 6-8 cycles (of which at least 3-4 were definitely successful -- I actually saw EDV1 switch to 1), bnf consistently shows a charge of ~1570 mAh, and I'm getting 2-3 days worth of my normal use (which is pretty light) from each charge -- but battery eye just won't show a full charge of more than 1300 mAh, and for the first part of each discharge it doesn't show any information on the graph at all; and the status-area indicator doesn't match either bnf or battery eye, but is somewhere in between.

As far as I can tell, I'm using stock BME -- I switched to kp53 about a month before getting the new battery (and didn't notice anything wrong until I switched batteries), but never explicitly installed BME replacement, and 'lsmod | grep batte' shows only 'rx51_battery' (which I assume is stock BME?).

Are the discrepancies I'm seeing between bnf and battery eye to be expected? Is this supposed to be solved by switching to BME replacement?


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