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Poll: Random Reboots on N900
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Random Reboots on N900

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Looking at the poll statistics, it occured to me that the number of rebooting devices are actually more than 20%. The poll is devided in American and European (why??) and then everything is summed. This a a rather odd way of doing it, but the actual number is 20, not 10 as it seems to be.
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had it for about a week, no reboots yet.
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Originally Posted by hm88 View Post
Those with no reboots, how heavy are you using the N900??
Maybe its just power users that experience the "occasional reboots"
Perhaps. All I can tell you is that I have both a pre-production N900 from the summit and a production N900. The pre-production unit rebooted a total of three times while running the pre-production firmware and not once on the production firmware. The production N900 has not rebooted.

I keep Mauku open for Twitter. I browse the web, sometimes with five, six, or more browser windows open at once. I sometimes keep Google Latitude or GoWalla open to share my location. I listen to audio from local files and streaming from the Internet. I watch video clips. I check four IMAP and one POP3 account for email every five minutes, plus have MfE synchronizing email, calendar, contacts, and tasks with an Exchange 2007 server. I take and share photos. I stay logged into AIM, ICQ, Jabber (GoogleTalk and Ovi), MSN, SIP, Skype, and Y!M and have location updates enabled for them. I keep Extras-testing enabled and install available updates from it. I have installed items from Extras-devel and SDK/Tools.

I don't know what kind of user that makes me. In the past, I've been told I'm not a power user. Regardless, if you have a load set you suspect will reliably reboot N900s, I'm interested to hear it.
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I can't vote again. got replacement unit that doesn't reboot.
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I've been using mine since Christmas, no unexpected reboots so far. It's a European device (Germany actually)

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