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Originally Posted by rincic83 View Post
Yup, I charge my n900 every night too.
Me too - but the N900 needs to, or it will run flat :-).
fragos has the n810, which can go for days. Battery shelf life is likely to be much more of a limiting factor than the number of charge cycles. I really don't think you gain anything by charging it daily, unless it is running low.

Theoretically to get the most years out of the battery, you could maintain a charge level of 60-80%. In practice, this is only of interest in more expensive batteries.
If you have a spare laptop battery, it should be stored with a partial charge in a cool place.

I had a quick google for a cite on deep- vs frequent, didn't find much.
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Originally Posted by bandora View Post
Try to take out the battery for a while, then press and hold the power button for 30 seconds or so.. Wait a bit then plug the battery back in.. Then hook the charger back into the N900 and see what happens.. Hope this works out for you!
I had my battery go completely dead - no signs of life no charge light when plugged to original nokia charger.

Followed the steps above and now charging ok. many thanks for your post

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