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very much still an idea,
but if it gets any traction it would become interesting.

The very first clue something is not quite what it appears:

The enterprise is sponsor-driven
and community participation is not "open"

They specifically have opted for mailing list registration.

Ultimately this could succeed only as some corporate vehicle.
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...closed x86, ARM CPUs
In the risk of showing off my ignorance, what exactly is closed about x86 and ARM CPUs? The documentation is widely available. It would make little sense for the manufacturers to try to hide it.
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The RISC-V authors aim to provide several CPU designs freely available under a BSD license. Such licenses allow derivative works, such as RISC-V chip designs, to be either open and free, like RISC-V itself, or closed and proprietary.

By contrast, commercial chip vendors such as ARM Holdings and MIPS Technologies charge substantial license fees for the use of their patents.
And it looks like a 'serious' (commercially) effort:

It is also already being worked on, e.g. in Fedora:
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Isn't MIPS more relaxed than ARM in term of IP licensing ?
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