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Originally Posted by zerojay View Post
If you need an equalizer, you shouldn't be using mp3s.
hmm, comments like this i read very often, but i think an EQ is not only for tune up bad mp3s. if you are listening to electronic music like me, you can manipulate it like u want. i often don`t like to hear to music like it is produced. i manipulate also high quality losless compresion rips. a dj is doing the same, he is manipulating an record like he wants to give it another aspect.
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Originally Posted by zerojay View Post
If you need an equalizer, you shouldn't be using mp3s.
If it can help make the sound more tolerable, why not?

I get some headache inducing mids/highs from my N800, encoding doesn't make any difference with that, but the eq sure does.

Ideally I'd be playing nothing but flac (with eq), but storage isn't quite cheap enough for that yet.

I wish the N800 sounded as good to my ears as my HiMD unit, but I didn't expect it to, in fact I expected it to sound much worse than it does.
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Thanks to KotC for these links. Gstreamer has EQ plugins.

I find Zerojay's comment to be wrong. (but I like zerojay)
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My son (the "sound engineer") and I have discussed the variation in speakers, headphones, ear buds and room acoustics at length.

Besides the above variations, the primary need for an equalizer is because not everyone has the same ability to hear in different frequency ranges due to genetics, prior exposure to loud sounds, age, etc.

Using an equalizer provides a means for achieving pleasurable listening despite these variations--though I sometimes think that the most important sound control is the volume. ;-v

Not knowing enough of the "innards" of the N8xx--is the DSP chip/circuit in the device smart enough for high-bit-rate compensations through hardware (i.e. equalization through simple parameter changes rather than software compensation)?
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Originally Posted by zerojay View Post
If you need an equalizer, you shouldn't be using mp3s.

Heh... I'd actually state it the other way around. The better the source, the less need for an eq. The -only- place I bother with an equalizer is when listening to mp3s on my computer at work.
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I use the EQ on XMMS, it works pretty well. For those who feel that EQ's are unnecessary for decent recordings, well that's you. Anyone who's used more than one setup knows full well that different speakers can produce different frequencies at a given power level and therefore material that sounds good on x, may sound way different on y. It's like TV sets. You go into a store and all the tv's are showing the same show but they all look different.

in itunes I use SRSWow because I like the widened sound stage it provides. On some of my systems it produces distortion. When I'm making music I prefer a flat EQ at output, but I will change the params for different instruments to get a desired sound.

overall, lets not be audio snobs. you like what you like and that's fine.
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Re: No equalizer?! I found 2 more! Both are under KDE358.

Smplayer under Video, there is one. It controls Contrast, Brightness, Hue etc. I never realize there is an equalizer for video. Interesting.

Xterm>Noatun>Settings>Equalizer, a 14 bands equalizer! How do you like that?

Question. Why NOBODY talk about noatun? Apparantly, if one can install(?) divx codec, it will then play divx file. How do you like that?


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I just installed the Equalizer plugin

But changing the sliders does not seem to change the sound. I'm on PR1.1

Anyone else installed this yet?

Mike C
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