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Google has been making many changes that are pissing me off, like the stupid fade in, on the top menu on their main page. Also they used to have top image results to your main query, without the need for javascript, now this feature requires javascript.

But now they have created buzz for gmail, which I decided to try out on one of my accounts, It works on my desktop browser, but when I log into gmail with microb on n800, none of the buzz stuff shows up. There doesn't seem to be any technical reason why this wouldn't work, so are they checking browser id and turning this off? Any ideas, or maybe I'm doing something wrong?

If they are filtering out because of browser id, they are evil
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This thread will help, all you need to do is change your useragent:

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OK, So I tested with Midori, and Buzz shows up on this, I recently removed Tear because google made some changes to gmail that seemed to makeTear render it poorly and perform really poorly, Midori isn't performing badly but some parts, like the checkboxes are wrong.

Does anyone know why Buzz would not show up on microb?
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Thanks adalal, missed your post, This makes me mad because I shouldn't have to change my user agent string, this is something only douche bag sites do, Google officially sucks in my estimation.
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comming soon on googlelatitude app...
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Yes it is incredibly lame. None of Google's mobile sites work without changing the useragent to for example the itouch.

It seems more and more sites are going back to user-agent white-listing which is something that should have died years ago. It's being completely abused. Rather than "here's a page optimized for you and the same but with optimizations for someone else", it is a no-cake-for-you scenario.

Marucco "gmail viewer" - really a web browser hard-coded with iphone user-string makes it a bit more obvious to investigate this issue.

Then of course there is the whole webkit versus gecko, opera, etc HTML5 issues. -___-

Off-topic but is anyone working on improving that gstreamer-patched Firefox?

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