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Hi all,

Is anyone else having trouble with Android apps not being able to use the mobile data connection on Sailfish X? If so, is there a fix or workaround you could share, please? I have had this problem since day 1, but thought it was already being addressed in the / Kymijoki update due to this in the release notes:

---Android apps can recover mobile data connection.

However, after updating both of my Xperia X devices yesterday, the problem remains exactly the same. Android apps work great for me over Wifi, but they cannot detect the mobile data connection. HereWeGo and Skype are two examples, but I tried a dozen packages and none of the Android apps would work with mobile data except (strangely), Firefox.

I tried the Android assistant package mentioned in another thread as well as toggling the data settings, but nothing is working for me. I'm wondering if this is unique to my devices or another bug altogether.

Any troubleshooting tips would be sincerely appreciated.

Thanks very much!

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I'm also seeing this issue in Google Maps.

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Try changing the protocol to IP in settings->mobile network->data access point. That works for me on EE in the UK.

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Thanks very much for the suggestion, although it was not successful for me. Toggling to IP did resolve my previous MMS issues, but nothing so far is working for Mobile data in Android apps. Mobile data works great in native Sailfish apps, and Android apps work great with Wifi. It sounds like this isn't affecting many other people, or there'd likely be more posted about it. Very strange.
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Just checked with Google Maps, WiFi off, and mobile data on.
Works without problems.

So does Flightradar24, Youtube, Accuweather etc...

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Everyone, thanks very much for taking the time to test and share your comments, I appreciate it. This helped me realize this was not a widespread problem, narrow it down, and finally resolve it!!

My mobile provider (T-Mobile USA) has two different APNs, and "fast" is their newer network. The solution to my problem was simply to change my data APN to

This is quite strange. I have been using the "fast" APN to access mobile data successfully in all Sailfish apps and it also works fine with the Firefox android app. I further use that as the MMS APN with no problems, but it turns out that 99% of my Android apps cannot access the mobile connection when it's on regardless of protocol setting. For what it's worth, a pure android phone with my SIM card can successfully access mobile data on "fast." Oh well, it's very weird, but at least the problem is resolved. I think using Sailfish on T-Mobile USA is a good experience overall but the Data & MMS settings are very particular with this combination of provider & OS. I'm just grateful to finally have a great Sailfish-powered device that supports my local bands.

For the record, here are my settings:

T-Mobile Data
Auth: None

T-Mobile MMS
Auth: None
Proxy: Blank
Port: Blank
MMS message center:

Thanks again

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I find it somehow difficult to understand why should apn change cause this kind of different behaviour.

If I am not totally mistaken the android subsystem running on a sailfish device relies on the sailfish side for network access, so that if your sailfish applications can access network (rmnet_data0 interface is in UP and RUNNING state) then the android applications also must have network access, it is just pure ip routing issue...

The one difference indeed would be if the android side wants to use different protocol than SFOS side, one desiring IPv4 and other IPv6...
but that would be silly indeed; nowdays you'd expect applications to be network protocol independent.

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I agree, it is very strange, and I have also struggled to understand. I don't have a good explanation for it at all.....but at least it's finally working now.


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Sometimes I needed to restart Alien Dalvik with the warehouse app available if I moved in and out of coverage while using android apps. Otherwise never had problems with connections.

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