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I installed a few applications and then decided to uninstall it. But on the menu (under "Extras") they still show even I have confirmed that the application has been uninstalled (it doesn't show under "Installed Applications" anymore). Rebooting the unit doesn't get rid of them.

How do I get rid of this "shortcut" from the menu?

I have installed osso xterm and becomeroot btw (if it's needed.. )

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You should be able to remove/rearrange your menu shortcuts by going into Control Panel then clicking on 'Navigation' and then in that window, click 'Organize' next to Applications. From there you can delete/move the menu shortcuts.
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I of course tried that, but the "Delete" button is greyed out
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Yeah I just checked mine, delete is greyed out for all my shortcuts as well. Odd.

Well if you wanted to do it by hand you can remove them from terminal via xTerm as well. Navigate to ' ~/.osso/menus/ ' Here you will be a file called ' '. You can edit this file to remove your unwanted menu shortcuts.

So say you wanted to delete the RSS feed reader shortcut, you would delete this segment
Once you modify this file, there is no need to reset your Nokia, as it seems when you goto your shortcuts on the desktop via the menu bar, it queries this file each time, so nothing is cached.

As always, it is a good idea to backup the file first before editing it, as if you delete a shortcut you didnt want, im not sure how to add it back except manually typing the exact code segment again into the file, or reinstalling the app in question.
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How do I exactly "navigate to ' ~/.osso/menus/ ' in xTerm?

Do I need to copy the file ' ' somewhere I can browse from File Manager first and then modify it using a text editor before copying it back to the original location?

Sorry, complete newbie here. Thanks for the enlightenment..
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just to get this closed:

complete dir is /home/user/.osso/menus
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I edited it with leafpad (from debian chroot) and the only thing that it does is to put them in the "extras"....then I edited it with using leafpad from maemo, and the same result...they do not disappear, they are only dragged in extras...

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I had the same problem. I uninstalled Bomberman, but it remained in the Extras menu. I had to become the root user to do the following:

In addition to deleting the text:


in the file:


I had to delete the "bomberman.desktop" file from:

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To be honest, the only file you have to delete is the desktop file in /usr/share/applications/hildon. You can even do this for installed apps you don't use to remove them from the menu listing.

At least, this is true with Telescope. It may not be accurate with a default installation.

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