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Hello everyone!
Today I tried to reflash the internal memory of my (third) N900, using Flasher in Windows XP and the most current RootFS / eMMC file. RootFS flashed without problems, but the eMMC flash process does not exceed 20%.

It was curious to note that when I did the process indicated in the tutorial (eMMC first, then RootFS after), the device starts in a strange way, according to the photos in this link:

Doing the reverse process (RoorFS first, then eMMC), despite the error when flashing eMMC, the device starts without problems.

can anybody help me? I know it's not strictly necessary to flash the eMMC after the process, but I'm afraid the memory might corrupt later, just like another N900 I had.

Thank you all, a merry christmas and a prosperous new year!

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