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Originally Posted by epertinez View Post
For what I know the machine is only able to run linux. It is in prototype stages and debian is only a proof of concept at this time. In fact even android is at the begining stages. It works but it do not surely have yet the interface tweaked for a "handheld pc". A beautiful oportunity to get engaged with a long dreamed project. I guess that if you decide to put maemo/meego UI to run in this chipset they would have no problem to distribute it. For what I heard, they started with Debian but open to external colaboration to create diferent distros firmwares.
The killer question may be:

is this something we can boot from USB


do we need a cleanroom environment
with all the
kludgeware ADB thisworks thatdoesn't insanity
that goes with squeezing a distro through an
Android enema of some sort.
Because that pig ain't got no wings.

If we can boot it through USB then this might be golden:
I have seen somewhere MTK had a kernel refence,
aand as shoddy as MTK is that may cure some issues,
assuming this is not running on top of an Android layer.

(BTW I bought a Nokia 6 and Android it runs is beyond hopeless)
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Printing your Email with the N900

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Originally Posted by sicelo View Post
in connection with hildon on this device (or any other Linux device) ... see Maemo-Leste on GitHub
Did I miss something?
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