Poll: How much would you be willing to pay for a Neo900 (complete device) with TI DM3730 1GHz/512M-RAM/1GB
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How much would you be willing to pay for a Neo900 (complete device) with TI DM3730 1GHz/512M-RAM/1GB

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"Obviously this is a crude planning hack,
but even if you only get a PC board out there
it will be unequaled and unrivaled on day one"

Totally agree.

Of course there would be a few upset, grumbling or complaining that what was promised was not delivered.
But blunt cold real world pressure tends to steer a creation...of any kind.
It is what we make of it....that is the big thing.
In a perfect vacuum with perfect conditions perfectly quantifiable ...
Everything always works out.

It is my way of seeing things..
I have countless examples of work I have done that should have turned out exactly as conceived, planned and designed...yet the natural imperfections of say..a specific piece of wood or antler..or metal..screws it up for me...or the weather..or countless other natural factors I couldn't anticipate..
The trick is to make the flaw look like it not only was meant to be, but planned as well, so the flaw is therefore not a flaw.

I know what I said is a different scenario in many ways to what is going on with the neo project ...
But the rough premise is sound.

-Yes what was promised is what was promised, but for the sake of being able to eventually get said promises fulfilled it may be expedient to bend a little ...flex a be able to get those stated promises fulfilled.
-If sourcing parts, getting enough preorders, getting enough manpower of specific skill sets, etc ..
-If the World and all the uncertainty and chance conspire against,
then I suggest a more tactical approach..
(and it isn't about releasing an unfinished or unfulfilled promise..)
but rather smoothly bend with the situations and if possible (I don't know how feasible what Theonelaw or I roughly suggest...)
do a pared down, scaled back..."pre-release release" so-to-speak...
as theonelaw will indeed be unequaled and unrivaled on day one...

But as well..I bet ...that then ...not only will more preorders come in for a neo...but you will be flooded with them...and also more individuals offering their particular needed skill sets..

Theonelaw is correct more ways than he said.
doing a pre-release release would be doubtless be not only more pragmatic at this time...but also more advantageous and tactically calculating to achieve the desired end result...
More help and preorders than you could shake a stick at...
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Originally Posted by theonelaw View Post
in a bullet list format,
remains to be done ?
Thanks for that! I pondered how to start / answer since gerbick asked "so how can we help?". Obviously first and only point I may provide right away is:
  • make a list of todo items
now trying to accomplish this point and hoping for your help by e.g. adding points I missed, implementing better platform for cooperative work on editing it, add details to particular points etc:

hw production (marked "*" are items that are not blocked until completion of previous item and thus could (partially) run concurrently)
  1. finish layout of proto_v2 (metacollin)
  2. assemble a maybe 5 proto_v2 devices and marry them with BeagleBoard_xM (metacollin)
  3. deploy proto_v2 devices to sw devels, make maemo-devuan run on them
  4. create a video of a proto_v2 running maemo
  5. (*) prepare and start "kickstarter" campaign to reach number_of_preorders threshold needed and to refill funds
  6. * integrate BeagleBoard_xM "brainboard" (CPU, PMIC, RAM, storage, display) with proto_v2 on schematics and layout level for final design (metacollin)
  7. produce and deploy a dozen proto_three release candidate devices to testers for verification (same facilities as for proto_v2, metacollin)
  8. * source N900 (or "mech part" sets incl display) for the new orders from kickstarter
  9. (*) source all non-standard components
  10. have a factory assemble the boards
  11. have another service assemble and QA-test devices ("marry" boards with case/mechparts)
  12. (*) organize shipping worldwide (much more involved than it may sound)
  13. set up a sustainable entity taking care about warranty and repair
  14. start STEP2

adding a 2nd list which is like concurrent and complementary to the 1st one above

more generic related tasks mostly fine for community contribution
  • get the already existing BeagleBoard_xM "brainboards" out to the sw devels so they can start "porting"/testing Maemo-Devuan, Debian, Gentoo, whatever you like on them. Those BB_xM differ from Neo900 only in kbd driver, display resolution and a few other minor details, they are absolutely perfect devel-boards. modem can get plugged in to USB on those, audio is a tad of a problem since it differs a bit.
  • create frequent updates on website
  • create/install a wikiwiki on servers for a better community-driven todo and specs page etc
  • server maintenance
  • spread the word, find more supporters
  • find donors/entities/programs who substantially support the project with funding and/or resources
  • approach FSF to finally sort out the RYF issue and have them *officially* support the project
  • Los Alamos residents visit (Meta)Collin Anderson and make sure he's well
  • maybe coordinate a meeting of developers, invite interested (and interesting) new individuals to introduce the project to them
  • [to be continued]

I'll frequently edit this post to add more flesh to this barebones list, until somebody comes up with a better method to do this urgently needed planning. for contributing please answer with edited fullquote so I simply can copy that fullquote over the original text - if you want to add comments not to get included in this post via editing, please use a 2nd post for them so I may delete your "edit job" posts after processing them

cheers jOERG

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Originally Posted by joerg_rw View Post
the uBlog is broken and actually always been, sorry I probably simply should nuke it from the site
How comes despite we offer all the sourcecode of the website on git ( and told several times we are no web developers unlike most "programmers" out there claim to be, we rarely ever seen a single community contribution?
A BIG THANK YOU to arch_tk and sn0wmonster who did and do help and contribute, as well as to the few others that did and I missed to mention them here.
I have bad news for you, hope you are subscribed to this thread and my email was delivered.
Meanwhile I'm trying to fix things myself.

EDIT: can't fix it myself as there are unsufficient privileges. To website admins: check /tmp/README.txt

[EDIT by joerg_rw]
sorry for replying in this post (poor style) but I don't want to flood this thread with more posts for this. Many thanks! we found the hint you gave. Please contact me on IRC freenode #neo900 (joerg_neo900) or via email joerg AT, I got more questions.

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I've been thinking about possible solution for the current situation of the project, and got some idea, not sure how feasible it is..

Current issues:
  • Funds are running out
  • OMAP3 platform is getting older everyday
  • Lack of news make it hard to gain publicity
  • Probably the kickstarter thing will fail (let's be realistic)
  • Moving to STEP2 is not possible without completion of STEP1

As solution for those problems, I suggest to use current privacy development for LTE modem with indicator and killswitch, and create a USB/PCIE dongle for laptops.

This will give
  • More publicity
  • More funding
  • Can achieve some crowdfunding
  • I hope that it's feasible for joerg_rw or wpwrak to create the layout
  • Probably will help to achieve RYF certification
  • Will help developers to learn Neo900 connectivity platform

Also maybe there are some others developments that can be used as a dongle or privacy accessory and can be released as a stand-alone product to bring some income to Neo900 UG.

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Originally Posted by Wikiwide View Post
Spread the word? If you have IT people who regularly use Linux, and complain about difficulties with ssh-ing into a remote machine from an Android phone...
ssh-ing from an Android phone works well. I do it very frequently. Unfortunately Android Oreo broke GNURoot Debian and similar GNURoot options, and nobody seems to be in any hurry to fix that. But Termux works very well, and supports both client and server ssh. What sucks on Android, for remote linux access, is X11. I've yet to find an Android X11 server that was in any sense useful.

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Originally Posted by Ken-Young View Post
ssh-ing from an Android phone works well. I do it very frequently. ... What sucks on Android, for remote linux access, is X11. I've yet to find an Android X11 server that was in any sense useful.
And the touch screen
the Hacker's Keyboard is a great help in that regard, but still ...

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Congratulations are due to resident project leader Joerg Reisenweber, who recently joined a new open source, privacy promoting hardware research and development company by Private Internet Access' parent company. Employment was negotiated in a way that PIA's parent company would allow him a large minority of his working time to be paid to work on the Neo900 project on his own terms. This indirectly supports the project by both ensuring Jeorg is financially sound, and also that his work does not limit his involvement as leadership in the project.

Thanks for helping keep our project alive PIA!

PIA would also like to thank Neo900 supporters for staying strong with the project so long by offering a special discount for its VPN.

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Originally Posted by sicelo View Post
And the touch screen
the Hacker's Keyboard is a great help in that regard, but still ...
There are still Android phones being made with hardware keyboard.

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Originally Posted by Ken-Young View Post
There are still Android phones being made with hardware keyboard.
There are? Examples, please!
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Originally Posted by pichlo View Post
There are? Examples, please!
BlackBerry KeyOne would be best example in my opinion

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neo900, thank you!

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