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Now, what would be great is if I could use the Bibles that I had with my Palm and Bible+; that way I wouldn't have to go in an redownload Bibles again.
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I found that when I changed the location of the modules that it wouldn't give me a list of modules to download. The reason, I discovered, was that the directory hadn't been created and rapier wouldn't create it. I could only tell by running rapier from the command line. Once I added the directory, then I could see the remote modules. I asked it to download the ESV module but it never finishes in a finite time (8 hours+) the download. It says that Index building may take a very, very long time. But I didn't ask for it to make an Index. I tried installing with installmgr and it says it installed ESV but when I open rapier, it doesn't show any installed modules.
I must be not looking in the right place.
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Well I found that mods.d directory wasn't created so the *.conf files weren't installed even though it said they were. When I manually added the mods.d directory, it worked as expected. However, I can't get much out of some of the other modules such as the Institutes, MHC, and TSK. It doesn't download them correctly, and when I copy them from my PC, they don't display correctly. Also, how do I use the Strongs and Robinson's notes?
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Hi there.

Index building may be long (along an hour or so), but download is supposed to take only a couple of minutes. The waiting window still show the warning for all operations.

I have no idea why a new conf directory could be created but not the subdirectory in it.
Can yo reproduce the problem systematically ? If yes, please tell how so i can have a look on it.

Since the last version, the location rapier use for module is not hard coded anymore in /usr/etc/sword.conf but changed on the fly according to a gconf key, you may need to use the SWORD_PATH environment variable to have it used by the regular sword utils, such as mkfastmod, by example.

SWORD_PATH=/home/mmc2/sword mkfastmod KJV

I did not try using SWORD_PATH environnement variable with the installmgr utility, but it is most probably mandatory otherwise it will try to install modules in the data_conf set in the global sword configuration and not in the one rapier use.

You can also just download a zip file from the crosswire web site ( and just unzip it in the directory rapier use to store modules.

The only sort of modules rapier uses are regular bible texts, you will have no success in tryin to use commentaries, dictionaries or commentary modules.

There is currently no notes related feature (be their your own or somebody else), and i do not plan to implement such a feature (at least for now), but i would happily accept patches if somebody write something that works :-)

Next planned feature is strong number , test package is available here:

The Following User Says Thank You to pamadio For This Useful Post:
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I configured rapier to use a folder on my removable memory card. My initial problem occurred because this folder hadn't been created and rapier hung when it didn't create the folder. I was confused by the message that it was indexing, when it actually wasn't. Running rapier from the command line helped me figure this out. I didn't set the SWORD_PATH environment variable (not knowing about it), however. Rapier did create the modules directory but failed to create the mods.d directory. Creating it myself allowed everything to proceed normally and I can index the text, etc. I'll simply not use commentaries, dictionaries, etc at this point in time (although I can use them on my much less powerful Palm PDA).
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I was not doing any test to check if there was a problem when copying the configuration directory. This has been changed in svn and will be included in next release.

Thanks for the bug report
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Perhaps a related problem is that when I deleted some commentaries that I had added manually, it said they were deleted, but no files in modules or in mods.d were removed. I had to remove them manually.
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I realised there was this bug when i mentionned the use of SWORD_PATH in my previous post. Rapier launch installmgr to remove module, and there was no SWORD_PATH environment setting in place .

This should be fixed in next release too (but i may still have to change this stuff a bit).
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This thread has a weird formatting issue to it - text moves to the right (viewing in Opera);
Nevertheless, I tried installing Rapier OTA last night a number of times and each time it failed when it got to the end of the download. I am not sure if it was my connection (BT to phone) or what, but I'll have to figure out another means to install it (aka turn on my dekstop and do it there, booooo).
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I had the same issue with the mods.d folder not being created on the internal SD card. The .conf files were being written to a tmp directory and the program would index for hours. Once I manually created the mods.d folder and manually moved the .conf files there, all was well.

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