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Originally Posted by Android_808 View Post
On a desktop it wouldn't be an issue but on something like the N900 screen size is limited already.
Actually, I hate it even when something wastes my desktop screen space. That's why I like this trend in Gnome when some apps (eg. Nautilus, gedit, etc.) use their titlebar for displaying useful controls.

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So, today I've been taking a look at extending the experimental code. Apparently it looks a lot better on my PC than it does on the laptop as it uses the symbolic icons from close and the button looks identical. On the laptop the close icon is a red cross like on server-side decorations.

I'm considering refactoring it. I'm thinking a HildonStackedContent class. It could have members like a title, content widget and menu. On changing the visible item on the stack, the windows subtitle could be set (if present) and a menu displayed (again, if present). If a non HildonStackedContent is added on changing visible page a type check would avoid any errors.

The big question at the moment is whether to leave the GtkStack part of HildonWindow or separate it like that Fremantle version into a HildonWindowStack. As it is at the moment it makes signals a lot easier, separated it might make it cleaner, might make it possible to use stacks in other elements etc. Time to play around a bit more ��

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