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Originally Posted by lma View Post
The platform is kernel-agnostic actually.
Yes well, in theory it is just like any other UI is. Nucleus is the OS used by Samsung on all their dumbphones. Bada is developed specifically to run on that OS because Samsung want a light weight smartphone os o run on less expensive hardware.

Bada platform has some open source (open bsd or free bsd) components, but that's it as far as open source is concerned.

Read about Bada on the official Bada servers for info and sdk and everything. Then you will see the wikipage is speculative at best.
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has anybody a ROM after all?
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it's as locked down as you can get. I have a 1.0 device for development that I can't upgrade to 1.2 because the operator has it locked down. Upgrading goes via a PC program (Samsung Kies).
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has any one any idea of Limo ,since it is GTK based ,can it offer any help ?

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