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Originally Posted by Jerome View Post
BTW: solder does not conduct very well at 2.4 GHz, so an external connector should be attached without solder.
Does that include silver solder? I would think that compound would work ok.
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Originally Posted by Jerome View Post
Yes and no. Two and a cable works with any base access point and does not limit throughput. One AP only needs the base access point to support a special "repeater" mode where the extender uses the same channel to receive and retransmit. While this mode is somewhat described in the wifi specs, in practice it only works with two devices of the same manufacturer, and not all of them on top of that. And it cuts your throughput by two, because the same channel is used by the two APs.

Besides, with two you can use a directional antenna on the receive side to pick up distant signals and an omni to retransmit locally, which is what was originally needed.
Would you know where to solder the antennas to on the circuit board of the DWL-G730AP as there isn't any external antenna connector?
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Originally Posted by Jerome View Post
I see.

SSID and channels need to be different.

Put the receiving G730 in "client" mode. Configure its SSID and keys according to the network you want to extend (you'll need a computer with an ethernet plug for that).

Connect a cross-over cable (maybe a standard cable would work, I don't know).

Configure the second G730 in "access point" mode to your liking.

That's all.
The DWL-G730AP also has a router mode.
What's the difference between the access point and router modes and which is better in this application?
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Hi there,

Iím impressed with your job and thinking about doing the same modification.
I have a couple of questions please, if you donít mindÖ
1. Iím going to use a relatively small antenna (+4dB or so) or/and a signal booster. Will it work? What do you think?
2. I disassembled my nokia 770 once but couldnít figure out where I should solder an external connector. Hah?

Any help will be very appreciated.


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ok best option is to go to and buy a $50 repeater. It's cheap and it extends your wi-fi network by 500ft!!.If you want to place it outdoor you pay $100 for a waterproofed meraki wi-fi repeater. They're also coming out with a solar kit so that would be pretty cool.

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