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Originally Posted by claustn View Post
If feasible, I would let the user decide if showing the scale and the north arrow; they may be useful to some and not to someone else.
(What's the C symbol? Copyright? )
Good job!
Everything is possible. However, WhoGo Maps is developed with as little knobs to turn as possible. Idea is to get it right at the development stage

So, it's good to have input regarding the design. And reiterating, the current positioning for those controls is not the one I am proposing.

As for adding knobs and final layout, its @otsaloma's call.

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Originally Posted by jayki View Post
Well for me and two other users from my family it's not only a J1 Problem, we have this issue on the Xperia X aswell. So i think it's a common issue not limited to a specific platform.
IMO, there is no technical reason to assume that being an issue only on Jolla 1 phones, as the software stack is basically the same for all SailfishOS devices (and the few differences should not affect PoorMaps / WhogoMaps: Kernel version, Bluez version, AlienDalvik version).

But using software on older devices (with less RAM and processing power) often exacerbates software issues, making some of them much more easily to reproduce (while for triggering these on higher-end devices, other processes consuming RAM an processing power have to be started to create a similar situation for the software under test).
Side note: I often experienced this testing software professionally on desktop computers (and always developers state, "not reproducible" on their super high-end development machines).

Hence I do not believe that this issue and the Voice Navigation issues are really related to the Jolla 1, they just are much more likely to occur.

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