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Originally Posted by peterleinchen View Post

be careful, devel can be devil
oops, yes, true, I had forgotten to add this one, on the replacement N900, indeed fearing the devil I suppose. I should set priorities somewhere, if I remember how to do that.

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Originally Posted by teroyk View Post
I just open Fennec (version 7) and going to and I click under the pictures watch video when Fennec starts mediaplayer and show the video in full screen. Just easy.

Is there a way that we can set the quality of videos? It is pretty poor quality when I play it from you tube on a Fennec...


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Originally Posted by biketool View Post
The reality is that it is not the N900 it is the ridiculous bloated web 2.0 abomination that is ruining the experience for anything lacking a bombastic processor, memory, and internet connection.
This really.
Altough Im using an iPhone 7 now and am quite happy with it, when it comes to performance and battery life, it simply doesn’t feel right.
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