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What is the best thing that has happened since the N900 was announced??

Yes, we all agree, it is the CSSU. Thanks to the geniuses here, we have had some of the sexiest of features implemented on our N900....

But each of us wakes up each day, and feels "Umm, what if this feature is in CSSU. It makes my life easier." or "Hey thats a cool feature, how can I request it in CSSU?"

This thread is for us - the non-developers who have ideas that could be taken up in the next CSSU. Let's channel our thinking to create a better tomorrow.

This thread is for the developers to pick ideas for implementation.... maybe some are amazing ones, maybe some are bleak... But still we have a central repository of IDEAS.

I have created a wiki page:

Please go there and add suggestions...

Alternately post here, so that I can add them there when time permits...

So my heroes:
What are the top 5 features you think should be included in the next CSSU?

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I have only one requirement to make my N900 the ultimate device (and to stop me having to carry both my N900 and a company iPhone).

Support provisioning in email.

Our organization allows the use of personal devices to access email/calendars etc via Lotus Traveler. Unfortinately, although this is really just an exchange protocol, it does not run on my N900 as the first thing that the server requests is that the phone supports provisioning (remote wipe etc) As the N900 doesn't support this, the connection is dropped and I am refused.

I know there were posts previously about this and one of the team that worked on the email mfe implementation stated it wouldn't appear, but can our genius members do anything?

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thanks mmarks... keep the comments coming guys!!! Lets collect all these ideas in one place, so that they dont get lost!!!

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more portrait support example when when you edit desktop you must have it i landscape. And when you add a contact in portrait the phone hangs up or it dont work :/

Instead of seraching contact it should search for programs?

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System-wide portait keyboard support

e.g for: SMS, browser, messages

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yes... we all think that portrait keyboard is necessity.... for messaging, as well for some other applications! but QWERTY and standard alpha-numeric in portrait mode.
personally i don't ever use vkb in landscape mode!

as for alpha-numeric layout, i think that layout of built-in dial pad is just ok! size and everything...
so these are my thoughts

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1) more smooth and more battery life
2) smooth potrait mode support as mentioned earlier
3) more app and games support (if its possible)
4) additional codec support like mkv and 720p video playback (obviously if possible)
5) better camera resolution ( N95 had 5mp but its definitely the best 5mp camera)

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I must admit I haven't jet installed cssu, but there is a feature I would like to have thats phone dialing as in WM5 and WM6:
when you open phone app and start pressing buttons it searches through your contacts both in numbers and names and dislaysm matching contacts above.
For example if I press 266 it will display possible contacts
Anna (1235457) // 2=abc, 6=mno
Dave (3326642)

If I tap on any of thous phone dials that number or if I press green button it dials 266

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Universal search

In Hildon desktop, just open the keyboard and type. A search program opens instantly. In the first tab there are the normal contacts, and in the next tab Google search (instant, perhaps?). The third one could be Wikipedia, fourth Messaging and so on.

If user wants, Google search could be made as the default one in settings, contacts next etc.

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cssu stable, nokia n900

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