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 itT previously Spect creates a workaround to power the USB port: [blockquote] Nokia 770 can work in host mode, but it can not supply power to the device through the usb connec...
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Won't a self-powered USB hub do the job? Maybe not as portable, but if I'm using a USB keyboard, I won't be lugging it around the country . . .
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Hmm, maybe something like this:


would work as well. It's more expensive though...
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Yes, a self-powered USB hub will also do nicely.
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But will the Nokia 770 support a hub?
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Originally Posted by Reggie
But will the Nokia 770 support a hub?
Does the device work in USB host mode?

The device itself works by default in client mode. However, by for example reflashing the device with --enable-usb-host-mode parameter in the flasher program, it can be set to function partially in the usb host mode. It however does not work without a powered usb hub and additional cables in between since the 770 can not supply power to through the usb connector. The flasher program can also set the device to usb host mode without reflashing retaining the original rootimage, try this: connect the device with usb cable and command flasher just
$ ./flasher --enable-rd-mode --enable-usb-host-mode
source :
it say usb host work but it don't supply power for your device.
There is no problem with an alimented hub i think, just use the flasher command to use usb host
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$2-3 to build? Yeah, right. You left out the $$$$ for the EE degree people need to understand that schematic!

Back to talking about battery-powered hubs...
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Can this be used to connect a usb flash drive?
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How about using the nokia charger (supplies 5.7 V) as the power source. It might be a tempting alternative. Anyway, whenevery you are near a usb keyboard, power can't be that far away. Although for using it as a card reader, 9v battery is much saner choice.

Also, a splitter could be made so that you can connect the charger to 770 at the same time as it's powering the usb.
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In the schematic above an important point has been left out:
GND must be connected to the 770 as well...
As I said in another post, in the event that the usb port on the 770 doesn't provide +5v (wich i find hard to believe...), and if the battery inside the 770 has 5v, or close to that, it "might" be possible to connect a plug to the 770's power input, and leech the 5v from the battery...
the best thing is to use a mini usb hub with an external power supply...
(these are very cheap... I bought 4 port usb2.0 mini-hub for 7eur...)

batteries are't a good idea.. because if they fail while you're recordind into a usb pen drive, you will most likelly loose that data.. as well as everything else on the pen...

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