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Originally Posted by pichlo View Post
I have plans for my N900 including finishing some projects I started two or more years ago. One of them, vumeter 0.12.0, has made it to extras-devel with all the changes as listed in post #112. Please bombard me with requests and bug reports. To preempt at least one, updating the documentation is on the list
That is really nice to hear we could need more manpower for development of everything related to maemo like apps or porting maemo to other devices.
So uploading latest version to extras is a good start, only as a side note there is something wrong with your changelog file, it seems it could not be parsed to the html.
Maybe this is due to the semicolons at the end of your lines.
Hopefully some expert can give us some light in this matter.

I hope to see more from you in the future, so happy coding.
..downloading now vumeter

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