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I need to upload a few Perl modules to fix a download issue with the latest version of get_iplayer. The fix I have found is to install XML::Simple, something it has warned about for a while.

There are 2 routes I can go down at this time. One is a minimal build that makes use of a pure Perl xml parser, the other makes use of libxml-sax-expat-perl and ucf (from -devel) and libxml-parser-perl (can just upload SDK version to devel). Going forward the later option is probably the better choice to support other applications, first is smaller and easier.

What's everyone else stand point on the matter?
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I had no feelings one way or another, not really being au fait with the technical issues, but would like to know if made any progress either way?
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There are dozens of Perl packages for XML parsing, what a messy. I recommended XML-Rabbit[1] for parsing XML in OOP way. It is handy to write Moose classes to retrieve data from XML documents[2]. I seldom parse XML in Perl unless inevitable. It is easier and cleaner in other high level languages like Python or Ruby.
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