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I don't know much at all about how Easy Debian is working on my flash drive. However I have it up and running and tried to update the packages using the Synaptic package manager (needs 250+ updates). While in the process it ran out of disk space. From reading other posts it seems like this is a common problem with this type of image system, but I didn't understand the linux-speak in most of these threds.

How I understand it is /dev/dm-0 is at 99% and I can't figure out how to make some space. So I uninstalled GIMP just to see what happens and I got about 8% back. Now I assume that this problem is related to the image space somehow being used up.

Does anyone have some simple suggestions on how I can update the install packages or add applications to Easy Debian without running out of disk space? I have a 4G card (empty except for Easy Debian) and a 2G card (60% full).

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Here are the things you can do according to qole:
=>apt-get install localepurge; localepurge (frees up some space)

and mount /debian/var/cache/apt/archives to internal/external media coz while installing/upgrading packages are downloaded which are much larger than the files being installed or upgraded so this will download the packages to different location other than device memory:
=>mkdir -p /media/mmc1/apt-archives/partial
=>sudo mount -o bind /media/mmc1/apt-archives /debian/var/cache/apt/archives

You can use mmc2 if you prefer and shoud give this command in non-debian prompt.

*Also what I did was removed files from the following directory:
/usr/share/doc (gave me back 50+ MB)

=>sudo aptitude purge $(dpkg -l | grep '^rc' | awk '{print $2}') to completely remove the configuration files after the package has been removed

and you can do 'sudo apt-get autoremove' to remove packages that were installed while installing other packages and are no longer required

Hope these helps...
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In Qole's easy-debian and easy-debian-turbo-charged threads you can find two more strategies.
One is a way to enlarge the debian image.

One, recommended by Qole, is to partition one of your mmc cards, make one partition linux ext2 and to copy the debian image there.
In a post by D'ohboy there are instructions for this copy procedure.
I could not follow them exactly because some file was in another position on my N810, but it wasn't to difficult although I am completely new to Linux.

In Penguinbait's thread Console Tools you will find tools (PB) to help you partition and format an mmc card.

Google the net with "xxx linux" to find help for command xxx.

If you get stuck I'll dig out how I did it.
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My primary recommendation:


If some stuff gets updated as you install packages, that's fine. But an update on the scale required at this point (as you said, over 250 packages) is BOUND to fail.
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ok. I've been pulling my hair out trying to get it to work for 2 days now. I just assumed these updates were needed.

I would still like to create a partition and use that. I will keep looking for instructions.
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I've read though most of the threads, but I can't figure out how to partition my card correctly. GParted won't install (lib6 generates a strange screen warning while installing and screws everything up), parted won't install and I can't figure out the option for EXT2 format for sfdisk. So I tried the console-tools but the DEB package won't download properly (quits after 2.4M).

Assuming I can get one of these tools working can someone point me to some instructions because I've spent a lot of time paging through posts and I'm not getting very far.

Thanks in advance.
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Originally Posted by Eric! View Post
So I tried the console-tools but the DEB package won't download properly (quits after 2.4M).
Thanks in advance.
Just downloaded console tools .deb (to a pc) without a hitch from the second link in the first post in the "introducing console tools" thread.
>7.7 Mb.

If you are uncertain (and have time), backup one of your mmcs and experiment with PBeasy.
It lets you do all you need to clone the OS, except that it makes just three partitions (; might be a good idea to clone maemo to one of your mmcs to avoid future space problems in that).

When you are comfortable with PBeasy, try out PB, it's not much more difficult. I used CFDISK in the menu of PB to partition and found it almost self instructing. (me, linux newbie).

After you have definitely partitioned, do a proper formating of your FAT partition(s), the FAT formating within the NIT does not seem to be sufficient. My cards went read-only or unseen before I formated them from my pc.
On this forum you can find recommendations to use :

D'ohboy's instructions on how to move the easy-debian-image to an ext2 partition are here :

You might have to change the code line under "cd /debian", I had to.
There are recommendations in the forum to use gtar instead of tar.
( I found gnutar on my tablet, after downloading easy-debian, I think.)

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Thanks for the links.

I had to us a PC to download the console-tools because the N800 couldn't download it (from either link). Once installed PB's console tools fail to run when they can't open xterm.
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You run Xterm.
Then,issue the command "pb" or "pbeasy".
You land in a menu driven program.

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