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This should be changed to ‘Jolla ****s people around for sooo long that 80% don’t care anymore’....

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I agree with tommo: it's like they don't care anymore as I'm still waiting for the second refund...
I know they're not as rich as Microsoft or whatever other company, but it's not like I'm rich either (I barely make enough to survive!), so after such a long time, it would be nice if they finished the refund.

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But hey. We are still 20% left that cares about jolla and the refund.

I do still think that some of them wants to do the right thing but are blocked by some manager!

The sad thing is not that all isnít refunded yet. Itís that they didnít even continued with atleast a few every month and not communicated anything about this for 9 month. Not even a status message.
Do something for the climate today! Anything!

I don't trust poeple without a Nokia n900...I'm also supporting Apple 2016 or until Jolla fully refund or ship the jPad to all backers and supports!

"waited over a year for no tablet Ė and then the same again for potential refund? inspires confidence!"

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