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Ultimate screen size?

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What do you guys think about Aspect Ratios?

For a modern device we can have anything from:
1:1 (1.0) "Square"
4:3 (1.333) "TV"
3:2 (1.5)
8:5 (1.6)
13:8 (1.62) "Golden Ratio"
16:9 (1.78) "Movies"
2:1 (2.0) "Rectangle"
21:9 (2.33) "Ultra wide movies"

I used to be told that 16:9 was the Golden Ratio and mimics the human eye's aspect ratio.
I've only recently found out it was a economic move by Hollywood, and it was meant to cause fragmentation between Movies and TV's.... due to the threat of Home Entertainment on the Hollywood business.

And only found out that the human eye's field of view is actually 4:3. But we have spherical eye's, and thus we have a more oval-shaped field of views. So its like a (N9 icon) squircle 4:3 with left-right oval tapering off.

Due to this peripheral vision, our eyesight is probably more closer to the Golden Ratio or 16:9 (or even Ultra-wide ratio if the display cups around your head)... rather than 4:3. One thing I was sort of contemplating was the 3:2 ratio. It seems like an okay compromise for tablets (sort of squarish) and for phones (iPhone 4S). The letter-boxing for 4:3 or 16:9 videos aren't too bad. And it seems easy to adjust UI between portrait and landscape modes, since its one-part to one-half parts.

What do you think?
If you were to design a phone AND tablet, would they have the same aspect ratio?
If not what would they be?
And if both the phone and tablet HAD to have the same aspect ratio, what would you go with?

...maybe Dave should start a new thread for this particular question/dilemma___
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I'm flattered

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One-to-one or five-to-three... Whatever. Circle or sphere, I am looking for compactness and reliability.

Best wishes.

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Agree with Wikiwide. The aspect ratio does not play such a big role in a mobile phone as it does on a TV. How it fits in hand/pocket or how easy it is to operate single-handed is far more important. Of course, apps have to be designed for a given aspect ratio too.
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to me 4 and 4.5 is too small. The basic reason for that is becouse the text is too small. I want to be able to open webpage and read any text while having the phone/hand resting in my lap(without zooming). its so funny watching poeple with phones with smaller screens than 5.5 having their phone 20 -30 cm fom the head to be able to read some times even less

you dhould be able to easily read active topics here att tmo (from 50 cm distance)without zooming. then the screensize is perfect and you can execute tasks faster because you dont have to zoom all the time.
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I care more about battery size than screen size. The bigger the battery (capacity) the better

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