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Originally Posted by pichlo View Post
Empty a full SD? How many pictures do you take? I have a 4 GB memory stick in mine that takes me about 6 months to fill to more than 50%.
Well uncompressed raws from one of my cameras are 47 MB each, and this is not a particularly high-resolution camera in 2017; add to that a second camera with smaller raws but still significant size, and mr_pingu said, do some bracketting, timielapses or videos, and you'll easily fill a 64 GB card in just a few hours. The ĩSD on my Jolla is the same size as the SD in the cameras, so it can really help when one is full while you're out taking pictures.

It happened to me several times on trips with no access to large storage or computer, had to find ways to use my phone as external storage using someone else's computer or cybers, and even bought horribly slow (and expensive) USB sticks in my last trip because the phone was not enough.

Admittedly, I could just buy new SD cards (I already have spare ones but they just are not enough with such big files during long trips), and I will, but then there's what you should do and what you do.

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Originally Posted by claustn View Post
Hi meamians,
.......... (Btw, I downloaded the Sailfish SDK, but Windows 7 is not supported).
I'm running Windows 7 64bit and have Sailfish SDK installed and working, albeit it takes around 7 minutes to actually show itself on the desktop, but when it does it appears to be working just fine....shame I don't know how to use it! (yet).

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Update, I created a script that just copies the entire folder usbstick directly to the phone and one that copies a defined folder on the phone to the usb stick (Pictures for example).
Btw, I've tried to install the Sailfish SDK but it gives me always the same error:
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