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I created this a while ago. It works on my N810; but it could use some improvement. It'd work fine on maemo 5.

It's just an html file with some javascript that you copy to a directory along with the html version of the NET Bible. then you load my file in your browser from the same directory, and it works as a touch interface for the NET Bible text.

If anyone is interested in this, I'll put in some time to make it run faster.

UPDATE: here is the NET Bible HTML. It's hard to find on their site.

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Originally Posted by ColdFusion View Post
And that's for a theologists or philosophers or something?
Sure, but also simply for 'reading' the Bible electronically, and having access to multiple different 'versions' of the Bible in an ultra-compact form.

For serious, 'heads down' study, a desktop Bible study app (with more screen space) is more appropriate.

Basically, quick and convenient 'jumping' to a particular book/chapter/verse, in (almost) any version that ones cares to use, is what makes programs like Rapier so useful.
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Do these programs also include other religious books?
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Rapier can read and import many formats. It's internal "importer" contains a TON of translations as well as some other spiritual works.

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Originally Posted by Lord Raiden View Post
Check out Rapier. It will do what you need.
As Rapier is developed using Python as long as Python is running on Maemo 5 then Rapier should run though may not follow aesthetic courtesies. Thats assuming the other required libraries compile okay.
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Hi there.

A quick note to tell i do not plan to try to work on Rapier for Maemo 5, at least, not as long as i do not have a n900 (and i do not plan to buy one right now).

As mentionned in the previous post, it _should_ work on maemo 5 as long as all the dependencies can be build. As they did all build on the auto builder, i m rather optimistic, but you never know. If someone wants to push the existing sources from the diablo repo to the maemo5 one, be my guest.

I doubt putting effort on improving Rapier is a terrific idea. My advices for any new bible app on Maemo is: stick to c++ and QT (QT is going to be the official supported widget, the sword library is written in c++ and building the python bindings has not always been that easy.)

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Thanks Pamadio for speaking some into this thread. One of my reasons for starting this discussion is that I did not want to assume that you would be working on Rapier for Maemo 5.

That being said, its a popular enough application and Maemo 5 is garnering enough attention that your work can be a jumping off point for continued development of Rapier or similar applications. From there, its all about just making something suitable and that works.
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Pamadio, sounds like we need to ensure you somehow get your hands on a n900.
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Originally Posted by ColdFusion View Post
And that's for a theologists or philosophers or something?
Sure. But sometimes even armchair Bible readers like to dig a little. I recall a Bible that my dad had; for each verse there were eight translations and/or versions. Latin, Greek, Coptic, Arabic, King James English version, etc. etc. It was quite the showpiece. Some people compare their cars, electronic gadgets, stereos, etc. Dad and his friends would break out their massive research Bibles to show off.
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Can bibles from these sites be ported over to maemo 5. They bibles are based on linux




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