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Originally Posted by F2thaK View Post
Someone in Aus already has one....

I just want to know if it works as it is now.
That I didn't know, well done to the first Aussie owner, let's hope we can all get one too
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he's already selling it though, not sure why, not sure if thats a bad sign, says 'its not for him'
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Originally Posted by Greendts View Post
If I play my cards right, mine should be returning along with my fiancÚ when she returns from Sweden in July.

So by then, most issues will have been resolved??
smart man, swedish, and bringing you a jolla phone. great catch.

Compared to the N9 release, i'm personally not as enthusiastic to get my hands on a Jolla. I pre-ordered my N9 from Harvey Norman, and collected it within an hour of them receiving the stock, so possibly amongst the first in Aus to have a retail N9. Whereas for the Jolla phone, I'm not as eager. Sailfish as an OS just feels.... awkward.... (based on my N9 port), and too many issues for an initial release, even the N9 wasn't this bad on release.

If I could stand Android, I would probably move there, but for now my aging N9 is still doing the job, but needs a battery replacement at some stage.
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Its cool to hear Aussies takes on Jolla (and N9, n900...)

Yeh I went to WP8 for 5 minutes but that SUCKED.

Very keen to get a jolla, would keep my n9 for a while at least if/when I do
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I met someone from Australia at the Jolla Launch Day in Helsinki to buy one of the first 450 devices. So there must be at least one user in Australia.
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I'm getting mine mid february, can't wait! I'll surely be one of the only ones in Sydney with a Jolla

The battery life on my n9 now is abysmal, hoping the Jolla is better
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can telstra support jolla 3g? Please confirm it.thankd
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I've had my Jolla here in Perth since 24th December . Was a bit of a mission getting it shipped on from the UK.

I've been using it as my primary phone on Virgin Mobile (Optus). Everything works great, just had to manually configure the access point before 3G data worked.

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Like Matt, I had a Jolla. Got a review unit from them on Dec 22. Used both Vodafone and Telstra, and had exceptional signal on both networks.

Telstra, will having 4G on that SIM (as shown by my Lumia 925 and BB Z30) was only showing 3G - but seeing as its Software related, we won't know if they will support it in the future. (Based on the frequencies that SHOULD be supported, I see no issue).

Manual config of access point was only needed with Vodafone SIM, where as Telstra configured fine.

Hope the post helps
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