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I only use my N900 as a music player, listen mostly to classical (so tracks are long).

This problem started a few months back. I can transfer files to N900 but when I play them back, the player cuts off a few seconds before the end of the track.

This only affects stuff I've been putting on recently, not stuff that's been on the player forever and has always played fine. Thought it might be difference between built-in memory and SD card so tried deleting some files from SC card and re-transferring them to built-in but same thing happens.

I have a great deal of music files on the player, maybe 20 Gb on main and 13 Gb on SD and some folders, like operas, can contain 60-90 tracks, so am wondering if this has to do with too many tracks in database.

Tried using Symphony player and problem didn't seem to be as bad, only tested briefly though.

Any help/advice on this would be greatly appreciated.
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I have noticed something similar, although a lot of my mp3s came from streamripper so not always error free anyways.
Which player are you using? (media player/OMP, cssu/thumb etc.) Long files are usually no problem (I have some psy-trance dj mixes of over 1 hour long)
In OMP there are settings for Prevent playback interruptions and Interruptions prevention method, maybe changing these help?
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humm i dont have any issues on omp and i got about 10gb of really long tracks loaded couple of weeks before also havent tried other players for now
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Same here; my N900 is used on a daily basis, mainly as a media device, both streaming mp3's as well as playing local content.

I guess my first test would be to see if the file would play normally in mplayer without any GUI. Next to see if there's file differences.
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I would be inclined to blame the tracker from your description.
Have you trying resetting it.
If you have issues with both MP and OMP then it won''t be an issue with the application.
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I have 31.1 Gb of classical music, all on the SD card, & never have any problem playing it back with Symphonie on shuffle. Some are short podcasts, some are full-length symponies, etc.

I'll try to remember to listen to it via the stock media player on the commute tomorrow to see if there are any performance issues.
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Originally Posted by sixwheeledbeast View Post
I would be inclined to blame the tracker from your description.
Have you trying resetting it.

If you don't know how to reset tracker, check out posts #2 and #3 in this thread. Or just search for "reset tracker".
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Thanks for all the suggestions.

I tried soft reset, didn't work, so I bit the bullet and did a hard reset, twice (what an absolute f'ing all-day nightmare btw, but I have ended up with a fresh 1.3 install so not all bad, I guess). That didn't work either. Symfonie player also had same problem with same tracks.

I will try the Tracker thing next and let you know how that goes.

tracker-processes -r didn't help either

What's happening is: when I select an album, Busoni Piano Concerto for example, the (single) track shows time of 74:45, when I select the track it goes to play window, and still show time of 74:45 but when the progress bar appears and the track starts playing, the time suddenly changes to 68:33, which is actually the correct time (according to the media players on my PC); the player gets to 68:33 and stops but the music is not quite finished, so the last few seconds are cut off.

I just tried Media Box app and am getting same problem with it.

This is very strange as the tracks play fine (displaying the identical time, as in this particular example 68:33) on my PC and also on the refurbished HTC One I bought recently.

Funny thing is how random this problem is - most stuff transfers and plays with no problems. First time it happened, I managed to fix it by repeatedly deleting and re-transferring the folder. I'll just try that again with these few things I'm having current problems with though I have done so a few times already with some of them and even moved one from SD card to main memory.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestions.

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