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btw: pyleTOH is very buggy...
i just reinstalled everythink, it worked like 5 min and same faults again....

wi need some code from kimmoli...

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This is highly WIP, but here is my daemon version if someone want to build and test...

The sequences are configured in a text file for each notification type

The notificationmanager class seems to be outdated, propably not working properly with Sailfish 1.1.6.
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Originally Posted by tobasmogaster View Post
btw: pyleTOH is very buggy...
Hi! Unfortunately, I'm not a telepath, but I do welcome bug reports.

(Filing an issue may need a github account, but also I just created account here just to be able to answer . Also, if there are any Python / QtQuick tinkerers around, contributions are welcome.)

The particular issue should be fixed in the latest Warehouse version, though.

The origin of the issue was a bug in the development of the very feature you are requesting. pyLeTOH records seen notifications sources into its configuration file, so that they could have distinct notification colors and animations later. There's no user interface yet, but just looking into /home/nemo/.config/harbour-pyletoh/harbour-pyletoh.cfg should give an idea, what's going on.

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