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Originally Posted by Kriek View Post
Just an opinion, but...

I think the 'Other-Half' deserved its own thread considering the currency of the topic, the ambiguity followers are facing with the lack of information, and the potential realisation of the imaginative OH.

Why scatter a focussed topic? It can be so difficult and time consuming sometimes to navigate the thousands of posts under one general thread!
After careful consideration, this is why I decided specifically to create a separate thread.

I'm not in the habit of willfully creating threads for no reason, however, the mods rule the roost and if they deem this to fall under Cartsten's suggestion to throw the whole lot in together, that's their prerogative.
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Yeah... at this time I'd say the development of ideas on the topic should free-flow, particularly where the OH is concerned. Jolla only a few days ago stated that the community is still very much involved in the hardware development discussion.

I was kinda stoked to follow a thread dedicated to the OH where members could bounce off each other's imagination of what the OH could be and perhaps see things evolve in one place.

Still possible in the mix I suppose... just have to read through every other question, concern, criticism, etc...

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Why have a whole forum if we're going to merge irrelevant threads with one another? There is no link in merging other half ideas with questions and criticisms, it harms both threads, and destroys any possibility of gathering together ideas for halves tersely.
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I got some ideas about the OH as well.
1. The cover with additional storage (say 8-16 GB) for media content, especially HD videos, with a kickstand ala N900 and N86 for watching those videos comfortably.
2. The in-vehicle phone holder with powerful GPS receiver and FM transmitter (it just stays there and you clip the phone into it).
But the important thing in all the ocean of ideas we got, the OH MUST NOT bear the usual price tag of crApple products.

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433,92MHz radio For control relays, lights and doors. Wireless charge.

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what about a car or bike holder which can be plugged as other half... that could bring to deactivate automatic lock? Or enhanced GPS reception?

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my dream is

1- hardware keyboard
2- a dock station (HDMI, Ethernet, USB)
3- stand like N900
4- interchangeble system of Lens
5- battery pack
6- gamepad
7- dolby surround pack

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Jolla halves I'd like to see, support and/or buy: qwerty keyboard, wireless charging, optical camera magnifier, custom car holder, fingerprint security recognition, extended battery, projector, secondary small OLED display.

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Hardware QWERTY is pretty much logical assumption, so I won't go into details with it.

A wireless charging cover with matched slide-in car cradle - I'm sick of putting and removing cables from my devices whenever I get in / out of my car. Additionally, the cover (or the cradle) can contain an enlarged antenna for better GPS reception in tight urban environments.

A dock cover (can be additional function of the above) which exposes everything relevant so that the device can be docked in a desktop-like setting, transferring all the interfaces to external monitor/keyboard/mouse... As a bonus, the OS would adjust to such environment becoming a traditional-looking Linux distro.

And if a proper USB2.0 interface is exposed, as I've suggested, then we can really go wild with additional functionality like adding storage, network interfaces, a slew of additional sensors, software controlled color change or an additional display, etc. etc.
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(just a quick jab) They should create a proprietary cable so that the Apple fans will be happy!

Actually what would be fairly cool is to have a replaceable back that is a mostly clear plastic, but have some small led's built into it that when the weather changes (for example) the phone's ambient color changes.

Like the clear case here;

Could even create an API so that either the Ambient theme creation or say video play back would make it light up. Like so;

That would be really spectacular for an alarm clock too.
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