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GoldenDict is the best dictionary program that I use on my PC and N810 all the time. It's written under QT. Could somebody compile/port it to N900 please?

GoldenDict for other maemo flavors was discussed here

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There are several good dictionary programs, but I also liked GoldenDict!
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but how do I run it on N900?
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So, nobody interested in this dictionary program.

It is the best out there

* Supports multiple dictionary file formats, namely:
o Babylon .BGL files with images and resources
o StarDict .ifo/.dict./.idx/.syn dictionaries
o Dictd .index/.dict(.dz) dictionary files
o ABBYY Lingvo .dsl source files, together with abbreviations. The files can be optionally compressed with dictzip. Dictionary resources can be packed together into a .zip file
o ABBYY Lingvo .lsa/.dat audio archives. Those can be indexed separately, or be referred to from .dsl files
* Uses WebKit layout engine for a more accurate articles' representation (including formatting, colors, images and links)
* Supports lookups in Wikipedia, Wiktionary, or any other MediaWiki-based sites
* Can use arbitrary websites as dictionaries via templated Url patterns
* Can translate long text of many languages (e.g. through Babelfish, by adding this line in GoldenDict : for translating from French to English)
* Hunspell-based morphology system, used for word stemming and spelling suggestions
* Can index arbitrary directories with audio files for pronunciation lookups
* Full Unicode case, diacritics, punctuation and whitespace folding. This means the ability to type in words without any accents, correct case, punctuation or spaces (e.g. typing 'Grussen' would yield 'grüßen' in German dictionaries)
* Scan popup functionality. A small popup window displays the translation of a word chosen from another application
* Support for global hotkeys (to activate the program window or translate a word from the clipboard)
* Tabbed browsing in a Qt 4 interface
* Cross-platform: Linux/X11 and Windows + portable to others

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i second that. maybe one could ask mikkov to have a look?
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me too more apps better phone
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Resurrecting this thread.

GoldenDict for N900 would be awesome! It should certainly be feasible, since it's a QT app, right?
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Still didn't get it - does it exist or not...? Using MStardict now but Golden would be much better (I think)
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GoldenDIct is definitely better. I have a number of dict.gz dictionaries that stardict (all versions) just chokes on, but that GoldenDict shows beautifully.

Anyone care to give us some tips on how to update the old Maemo package for compatibility with Fremantle?

curley watts, goldendik

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