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There is no reason to be flamed. You are making a fair and just statement. I support that too. Other platforms are actively supporting (or working to) flash 10.x and I think it's only fair that Nokia supports this on Maemo. As far as I am concerned N900 is on the shelves out there sold right now.
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where does this leave apple then?

Either way, i'm not really interested in papa Jobs business module, but would hope Nokia is clever enough and upgrades the n900 firmware ASAP to the very latest flash version, who knows maybe some of the Nokia share holders would like to use facebook, and it might be in Nokia's best business interest to do this very soon.

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I doubt Nokia shareholdes own an N900. (My own view is that shareholders for Nokia are gibbering monkeys who still use the 6210, because any sane shareholder would have kicked their CEO into touch years ago for being an idiot)

I think if you want flash 10, it would be mozilla that does it or some other community concern. Nokia have long set the standard for support on the N900 that it would be "community based support". Lets be honest, all we ask is a working ovi maps, ovi suite and a myriad of little fixes or support. Nearly all we ask for is ignored until community enthusiasts come up with something. Which is usually not up to scratch for the first six months. Which seems to then take the heat off Nokia.

HOWEVER, that being said. Nokia don't sell it as a phone, because it obviously would fail in that. So they sell it as an internet tablet. If most websites use Flash 10.1, and this brick can't do flash. Then they can't even sell it as an internet tablet, and finally you can do them under the trades description act.

HOWEVER what I then fear is they will remove from market the N900 and we are once again on our own. Lets be honest people, the phone panned, isn't a big seller and they have removed Maemo from their forward thinking.

So anyone still think Flash 10.1 will come from Nokia, or Mozilla will be the one that does it for us.
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when i go onto the official facebook website my videos do not load, it says i need to upgrade the flash youtube works well though
can someone help me please, i want to know the latest version of adobe, and how to upgrade it, should i follow the link given by facebook? but even if i follow it, still i dont know which version to choose in the list given
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well i know is disgusting to ask something that has been asked before, i just couldn't find it, i appreciate that you replied me though. THANKS A LOT

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I used to be able to watch friends videos on facebook, now I get the link to get Flash Player?

I am guessing facebook updated its video & you now need the latest flash player? Is this the beginning of the end for our older version of flash?

I am not optimistic that we are going to get an update to 10.1
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Use power search.

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I have a feeling he won't find it.

It's possible to fool sites into thinking you have Flash 10.1. Facebook videos (among other sites) works if you do this.

It's called Tweak Flash Plugin (I think)

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i can see why people get frustrated with the redundant questions being asked around here.
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