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Originally Posted by dchky View Post
You would even get one of those yellow and black high voltage warning stickers on the back.
You can do that now - If the N900 has a CCFL backlight(and I'm sure it is), it's going to be running at several hundred volts. Ergo, high voltage.
(Note: I know that 12" CCFLs in lcd screens and such run at ~600V. Not sure what a 4" one runs at.)

As far as what I want, I have to say I like LCDs, /because/ of the blacklight bleed. It always reminds me of the Linking Books from Myst, the video portion of which would always turn slightly redish before playing. I also like seeing it because it means the screen's on, and (usually) getting an all-black signal; the screen's not off or broken.

OLED however may be nice in a few years when we can get cheap, high resolution at 120hz with no transition lag. Oh, and true 24bit(or better) color as well!
Note, though, when I get one I'll probably turn down the brightness/contrast: I don't /want/ a 20000 to 1 contrast ratio - It's hard on my eyes.
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Originally Posted by dchky View Post
I meant LED - the broad category, OLED is a type of LED.
Actually, I don't think this is the case. As far as I understand, LED screens actually means LED-backlit LCD screens, wheras OLED's are color emitting diodes, which is something very different.


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