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Hi all,

Not sure how many of you are still using the N9 on a daily basis, but one of the more painful aspects of it is that the map servers have been shut down recently. Luckily I grabbed a full snapshot (40GB) of the most recent release before it went down.

As you know, it's possible to unzip and dump them on the phone, but this does not compare to the smooth way of swapping in and out maps using the original UI.

So, I decided to do some testing and put up an HTTP server with the map data structure and modify the URL in Maps.conf accordingly, and guess what ... it works like a charm, selecting the maps from the UI like before

Unfortunately, for some odd reason I did not grab the corresponding catalog XML files, thinking I'd do that later or scan my phone for it. That turned out to be a bad decision, as presently I lost the files on the phone and the official servers are down. So I grabbed them from the Wayback Machine. It took me about an entire day of debugging right into the maps application only to realize the maps app can't cope with the mods the Wayback Machine made to the original XML (lower case everywhere, deleted spaces, etc.)

Thanks to a forum user here, I was already able to get a copy of the original catalog-

What I'm still missing is the original copies of cityindex- and regionname-lang-001.xml, which can be found under /cities/MapLoader if your phone made connections with the Nokia servers at the time. Anyone still has the originals on the phone, willing to share these?

If anyone or an admin is interested in hosting a mirror of the maps on an HTTP server, please message me.

- flyte

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