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I have installed tohkbd 2 v 0.5 last rpm version.
I have last sfos version installed.
when i attach my tohkbd 2 on my Jolla it doesn't work. when i push on letter i have nothing.
I have change in settings input putting TOHKBD too.
Anybody have a solution for me?

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Apart from needing to boot Jolla first before attaching TOHKBD have no issues.
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If your tohkbd does not work anymore (it doesn't say Keyboard connected anymore) and you notice that in fact the little pin of the back cover has broken off, one way to work around the problem (assuming you always have the tohkbd toh part attached) is to do systemctl start harbour-tohkbd2 ; systemctl enable harbour-tohkbd2. This has the same effect as if the pin was always present.

In TOHKBD settings have you already marked "Verbose mode"?
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