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I have the same problem. I just bought the phone from I charged it to the the full before using it. the battery went almost dead in my first use approximately in 10 hours without excess usage. So i ha my first shock that how this phone is going to last in one day if i use it fully. nevertheless, then, I connected the phone to the charger at night and went to sleep. When i woke up, i wondered that why the alarm of the phone did not turn on. I checked the phone and i saw a black screen. The phone was not charging at all.

the symptoms are similar to the other people wrote here. when i connect to charger i see yellow light lit constantly, later on sometimes it start blinking and after a while it stops.

i informed amazon about that problem. they offered me two options, 1) 10% discount and keep the phone as it is 2) full refund.

overall, i have been a nokia user for 10 years. but i think this will be my last nokia phone.

actually, i suspected due to delays of the launch of N900 that something would be wrong with this phone. but i wanted it so much and took the risk and bought the phone.

now i am returning by far the worst phone that i have bought.

so sad

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Originally Posted by Laughingstok View Post
Try sliding the keyboard out and charging it.


I noticed one time trying to charge that it didnt start until I opened the keyboard. Its only happened once.
This is a blast from the past, but sliding the keyboard out seriously fixed my charging issue.. WTF

lack of quality control

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