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Hello fellows,

TMO is not using https, I think, Nowadays secure protocols are a must..

Is there any big problem to get that?

Or I do not understand the real situation?

Thank you in advance.

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The problem is that http does not automatically redirect to https. There is no reason not to. It has been discussed at at least one Council meeting but nothing came out of it AFAIK.
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Looks like it's a certificate issued by StartCom, which, as far as I remember reading anyway, is no longer a trusted certificate authority in any browser because they did some very dodgy stuff (signed fake certificates, messed with certificate data so they wouldn't be distrusted, sold themselves to a different company without informing anyone, ...).

EZ fix, though:

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Nokia n9's default browser usually fails on https sites, so don't force it. Even nkw.some links on TMO redirects to https, so I must select, copy, paste, modify every such link.

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