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Originally Posted by murik View Post
NerdKnight, any news about GUI?
Not much progress so far, I've been mostly looking into the command line client source to see how can I reuse it. It will take some time, I work on it on my spare time.

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żAny news? I'd love to use it in m N900
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thanks, NerdKnight for the work with Telegram Messenger CLI. I try to execute the client you compile but I have some problem with the decrypt. I try to explain what I do.

1.- download your binaries and source code for arm

2.- copy bin/telegram to /usr/local/bin
copy bin/ to /etc/telegram/

3.- sudo apt-get install libmpc2 libmpfr1ldbl libgmp3c2 libutils2.22

4.- nano .profile with PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin/

5.- when execute telegram
$ telegram -k /etc/telegram/
dont find

6.- sudo apt-get install libconfig8

7.- $ telegram -k /etc/telegram/

telegram: mtproto-client.c:435: process_dh_answer: Assertion `decrypt_buffer[14] == 2' failed.
Signal 6 received

What I miss? Am I doing anything wrong? Need any gcc-4.8 or binutils lib?

Thanks a lot.
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Seems like NerdKnight forgot about this project... )
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These days the number of users is increasing very quickly at Spain, 200.000 more every day.

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Originally Posted by coderus View Post
can you make an github repo for project? i want to get it working for harmattan with QML UI
I would really appreciate this effort. Telegram is having a striking success here in Spain
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compiled telegram-cli for sailfish with no problems.
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I also would love to use telegram on my n900!
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what about harmattan? ((

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+bump for Harmattan..

Is this just what I was waiting for or is it just evolution?

On on hand the company has the number db, on the other there are several advantages like sending any kinds of files, partially open source code as well as simultaneous access for the same account from different platforms...

the questions that remain unanswered to me is how they will cover their expenses.. Donations are mentioned in their FAQ, but it's not clear to me.

Still well worth a try

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spyware, telescam

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