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oscp (0.9.76) stable; urgency=low

* limit data sent to remote (from vbr codecs)
* ignore invalid volume sent by remote
* fix: some more shoutcast quirks
* fix: some audiocards support only one frequency

oscp (0.9.75) stable; urgency=low

* fix: another shoutcast quirk

oscp (0.9.74) stable; urgency=low

* fix: segv.

fixes ahoy! also, there is a new oscp-remote-gtk bundled, so you might want to check if it works better than pygtk version. also builds for linux and windows are updated on sf page. also there is a mingw64 build of oscp-remote-gtk, so right now you can use it on windoze without the need for pygtk (its standalone 10MB pkg)
oscp - media player with network remote and almost no dependencies (pc/lin/win/maemo(n8x0/n900), x86/x64/armel/armhf) - - if you like it, tell others.
contact with me: #osc or #maemo on freenode/ircnet or /query KotCzarny

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