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Originally Posted by Halftux View Post
With the version numbering was something weird with 12 or 13.
Maybe there was never a released source code for 1.0.13, there is also no changelog entry for 13.
The binary on qt apps was 1.0.13 and I downloaded the svn version and gave the same version number. As a tarball there exist only 1.0.12.
I see! So far my understanding was, that 1.0.13 was your unofficial version.

Originally Posted by Halftux View Post
Here as far as I know the latest official "tarball"
Thanks! It seems to work fine.
Though I thought there was a an option to shuffle images. That's why I was asking for 1.0.12 because I didn't find that option in 1.0.6. I guess I was mistaken.

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